Dipl.-Vw. Swantje Sundt

Swantje Sundt joined the Institute for Environmental, Resource and Spatial Economics as a research assistant in July 2017. She studied quantitative economics at Kiel University. Since 2013, she participates in the PhD program Quantitative Economics at Kiel University. Until 2016, she received a PhD scholarship from the EKSH gGmbH, and 2016-2017 she was a research assistant at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.


Sundt, S. and Rehdanz, K. (2015). Consumers' willingness to pay for green electricity: A meta-analysis of the literature. Energy Economics, Volume 51, pp. 1-8.

Sundt, S., Rehdanz, K., Meyerhoff, J. (2020). Consumers’ Willingness to Accept Time-of-Use Tariffs for Shifting Electricity Demand. Energies, Volume 13, 1895.